Isn’t it quite convenient if one could just easily install an awning for your porch, deck or patio during times of necessity and then have it kept away when not in use such as during winter time? An awning like that could save you some hassles when it comes to maintaining it. One good solution may be the use of retractable porch awnings.

Because of their retractable nature, they surely have some advantages over other fixed-type porch or deck covers such as under deck ceilings. This type of awning or canopy comes in two basic types – the motorized type and the manual type. The motorized type is retracted or extended by a motor by just pushing a switch or by just using a remote control unit that comes along with some models.

Furthermore, some of the motorized types may come with a manual override switch as an added safety feature. On the other hand, manual type retractable awnings are rolled-out or rolled in via a winch which is cranked by hand. There are many advantages of using a retractable awning. We will cite a few of them in order to have comprehensive overview of their flexibility.

Your Shelter Against The Sun And Rain

Typical designs of retractable porch or deck awnings make them be extended and then rolled back in just a few ticks without much effort. This rather easy and convenient feature is what makes them likeable by many households. In addition, flexibility is the by-word with retractable type awnings. When you feel the urge to have an outdoor siesta during a sunny day, you could just have your awning extended or rolled-out to give you that shelter against the scorching sun just like the shelter provided by pop up gazebos. Sounds cozy, right? What about wanting to savor the clean aroma of the neighborhood over a cup of coffee even while the rain is drizzling?

Your porch awning should make you dry while enjoying that rare moment. I love it after every rain because the air smells clean and fresh. On the other hand, whenever you like to spread yourself under the sun for a good tan, then you could just have the awning retracted without much hitch.

Value For Your Money

Prices of retractable canopies or awnings may vary depending on their design and materials used. Those that carry the Sunbrella brand tend to carry higher price tags but the quality is high. Many homeowners have been satisfied with this brand. Furthermore, motorized awning models may cost more than the manual type models because of some added features. Further still, the prices may also depend on the type and rating of the motor used. However, whether motorized or manual, the flexibility levels in terms of usage are more or less similar – use the awning when needed and roll it back when you don’t.

Whether you pursue on buying one or not, it will all depend upon the practicality of its application to your home and of course, your budget. A wide range of brand and models can cater to your needs. You can even have your awning customized in accordance to the dimensions of your deck, patio or porch. Whatever the choice that fits the budget, you will have the flexibility that might be of advantage.